I’ve been doing this blog for over two years, so its really upsetting to say that me and the other bloggers will be closing down the program of “E Art Bloggers”

I am actually really upset and slightly torn, because I thought that the whole purpose of blogging was to help with our dreams. I  use this blog to share my feelings, stories, achievements, ideas, and thoughts.

I am also going to miss all of my friends, because after this, I will never see any of them ever again. We are not just losing our blog, but we are losing our friendships. I look forward to every single one of our meetings and brainstorming sessions, and going out together and seeing the world eye to eye.

I don’t know why we are ending this program, and I wish so badly we didn’t have to. I have just finished attending my out of school art lessons, so I have just lost a bunch of friends, and now this. I am devastated.

I loved this blog because it was an escape from our daily lives, a open book to all our ideas. Me and my friends are young, and full of amazing thoughts that we want to share with the world, but we cant because, well, its over.

Now that im almost 13, I don’t come to Artplay that often. This was my last thread and connection to the place that inspired me to write, draw, paint, and create.

On behalf of me and my blogger friends, we have loved this experience so much. I cannot tell you how much I will miss you guys. I love you all to bits. Goodbye x.  

Bobby if you read this, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed being in this group, and if I were you, I would do anything I could to hold on to this program. I don’t know if it was the Artplay committee or something, but I really thought that we were a part of something special. If we continued this program, someday, when where all famous, we could write in our Grammy speeches, our Nobel Peace Prize speeches, or anything else, we will say that an art company in Melbourne helped us realise our dreams and discover our talents.

Thankyou for an amazing 2 years.     

Goodbye x

Stay lucky, Izzy


Staying Positive

Hey everyone, happy 4th of July!!

So this post is going to be, well, I guess not the same as my usual stuff.

In the past 3 months, I have been going through very negative times. It has to do with family, relationships, and school life. nothing physically harmful has effected me, but emotionally and mentally it has. I was going through a lot at home, and one day at school, I went through a bad decision. No one got hurt, except for me. Unfortunately the anger and sadness that I kept inside was released in a bad way, and resulted in another 2 weeks of mild depression.

But as of today and the past couple of weeks I have spoken to my school coordinator/counsellor, and they have helped me so much. I have overcome my sadness, and I am focusing all of my energy on straying positive.

I listen to lots of uplifting music, and I have found myself writing, drawing, and creating a lot more often. I guess I was sketching absentmindedly, or writing whilst thinking quietly. I was channelling the inner pain and using it to create music on my guitar. I have become a much more positive person throughout this whole experience, and the arts have contributed a lot.

The point of this post was to indicate that even if it looks like the world will fall apart, there is always a ray of hope that if you hold onto, everything will be okay. everyone is lucky in there own way.

Stay Lucky,

Izzy xx


2014 Update, Highschool, Media, and Life.

Hey lucky ones!

Omg… I feel soooo bad you guys. I haven’t posted in ages!! But don’t worry, I got a lot to fill you in on!

Okay so 2014?! HALF OVER??? No way. I have just started High school this year and year 7 is half over! That’s IMPOSSIBLE!! Am I the only one who thinks this year has gone by so fast? Anyway, Into the juicy stuff…

High school is harder than it looks. You get a lot of homework – that’s the first thing! I have found it easy to organise everything by using a timetable app on my phone called “Timetable” you can list your classes, times, special events, lunch breaks, teachers and classrooms. Its really good!

Into technology, in the past 6 months, a curved TV has launched, a 3D printer is in its beginning stages, and Flappy Bird has risen and crashed. But to be honest, I was never really addicted to that game…

In Music, the charts have been overthrown by Iggy Azalea. Did you know she is the first in 60 years (since the Beatles) that has had 2 songs in number one and number two on the billboard top 100!?! Ant the best part is, she is AUSTRALIAN!!  I love her song “Fancy” Me and my friend listen to that song at least 5 times a day!

In Movies, The Fault in Our Stars has been released, and it was amazing. I cried so much but despite all the sadness, it was a reminder to live everyday as if its your last. It was a definite wake up call for me because I’ve been going through some stuff lately and I haven’t been that positive. I think that being happy is the most important thing in life, and I’ll be doing a post on this shortly.

Okay guys, that’s it for this post, and im so sorry that I haven’t done much this year because of new school and everything, but from now on I am going to be commited to this blog!

Stay lucky,

Izzy xxx



International Day of the Girl!

I know, I know, im a little late on this one (4 days late actually 😉 ) But on October 11 it was


As you may know, I am a girl, and I wanted to share with you 5 things I’ve loved about being one!

  1. Girls are capable of anything, whether that may be climbing Mount Everest, or skydiving from the highest heights.
  2. Whether I’m tall or short, rich or poor, if I’m in any kind of danger, I’ll be the first to be evacuated!
  3. We can hug, dance, sing, squeal, and cry without thinking twice.
  4. Girls can wear what ever we want and it will always look fabulous.
  5. And, we can create life, which is something that no boy can never do.

(you just went “EWWW” at the last one)

Stay Lucky,

Izzy xoxo



Hiya everyone!

I’m starting a monthly post, where I write about the latest music, movies, and what’s happening in the 31 days to come. Sorry that this is late, but im gonna share anyway. Its OCTOBER, and this month is packed full of upcoming events and stories to tell!

SEP – OCT: It’s the holidays, and there are so many fun things that I did. I caught up with so many friends, and saw movies with my family. We went to Point Nepean, and just happened to meet up with another family from school. The beach was amazing, and I got some new summer swimwear and clothes. Mum, sister and I took on an arty challenge to create a table cloth for all those outdoor barbeques for the summer, and it’s going great! My sis and I recreated our rooms, and my process took 2 whole days, but it was worth it! Talking about long processes, my family got through 2 whole seasons of Modern Family, in only 2 weeks! That deserves an applause.

MUSIC: Speaking of Applause, Lady Gaga has released her new song, Applause, which I am obsessing over. Can anyone tell me what the backing singer says after the line “make them touch, touch” and “make it real loud”??? Some other new fab songs are “Roar” Katy Perry, “Talk Dirty” Jason Derulo, “You Make Me” Avicii, “It’s My Party” Jessie J, “Bezerk” Eminem, and my all-time favourite “Royals” by Lorde. Also, Miley Cyrus, “Wrecking Ball” is one of the highest songs played on the radio this month. I really like Miley’s new music, whereas my friends have totally turned on her. I can understand why. I think she’s just trying to find herself. She’ll be fine. She trying to break out of the Hannah Montana stereotype, she’ll settle down soon.

MOVIES: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters came out this month, and it was amazing. Action packed, a gripping story line, and a great cast to top it all off. The Smurfs 2 also came out, it was really cute and I loved how they added some naughty into their perfect Smurf Village.

COMING UP: My high school orientations are continuing this month, and it’s exciting, yet really scary! Meeting new people is usually easy, but at least I got some friends from my primary school to lean back on. Basketball season is also continuing, with my teams hopes high for premiers for the year again. Were currently 3rd and a close 2nd on the ladder, hoping to finish on the top ;). One of my favourite holidays ever is this month, HALLOWEEN! Im hoping to go with a small group of friends that live close by. My costume is going to be a creepy, dead rag doll!!!

Stay lucky,



Squid Stamp – The Technology Show.

Hey Everyone, on the 6/10/13, I went to the La Mama courthouse


in Carlton to see a 45 minute play called the Technology Show. It was performed by Squid Stamp, a trio of talented actors who acted out small skits about the use of technology over time.

They acted out the parts of a girl who was obsessed with her iPhone, a girl who loved video games, and a girl who hid away from the world in her headphones. The play took place in a rehab centre for the overuse of electronic gadgets. The counsellor (Jenny) was trying to help them with their addictions. Throughout the play, the three girls performed small scenes where their gadgets have gotten the best of them, and times where it became tough in school, at home and whenever they were talking.

There was also a funny side to the show. these girls hashtagged everything, played video games for over 24 hours, created fake boyfriends to impress others, and even disobeyed the official guidelines and rules of Facebook.

Overall I rate the show 10/10 for its hilarious jokes, serious topics, and for engaging the audience.

https://www.facebook.com/SquidStamp (Facebook)

@squidstamp (Instagram)

Izzy 🙂


Julian – Little Big Shots

This short film was, as I’d describe it, ingenious. Unfortunately, you needed to be at least 10 to understand it. This film is clever because it relates to a current event, and supports a claim.

 It takes place in an ordinary school, in a 4th grade classroom. Julian is a 9 year old boy, who was setting up his stationary very seriously. Julian is listening inventively to the teacher while he educates his class on a story. Meanwhile, on the table next to Julian, A boy is picking on a girl. She tells Julian, and Julian tells the teacher. The teacher responds by scolding Julian for accusing the boy of teasing. Julian sits back in his chair. This happens a couple more times, each time the boy picking on the girl more. Eventually, Julian is sent to the principal’s office for dibber dobbing.

Julian walks down the hallway, and another boy challenges him to race to the principal’s office, to see who will go first. The boy wins, and Julian sit and waits for his turn reluctantly. As soon as the boy walks in, he starts to say, “Im so sorry, no listen, I didn’t see a thing, I swear! No I didn’t”.  You can hear a woman screaming inside. The principal invites the boy in.

The boy comes out of the office and explains the inappropriate things that the two teachers were doing.  Once Julian goes in, he blackmails his principal into getting him out of trouble by threatening to tell another teacher about his affair.

Later, an announcement comes. The principal says something like this after consulting the naughty boy who was picking on the girl:

“We should all follow in this young man’s footsteps and I would like to personally thank Julian Assange.”